When can I drop off my food scraps?
You can drop off your scraps every week. Please sign up for our newsletter for specific information on drop-off location and timing. Currently, we're collecting scraps on Sundays at the McGolrick Park Farmers Market hosted by Down to Earth.
Are there any safety protocols I should know about for drop-off?
Yes! You must be wearing a mask to drop off your scraps with us. No mask, no scraps. We will also be enforcing social distancing and ask that you are respectful of other people at the site. If you're worried about safety or if you can't drop off, please reach out to us and we will assist.
What can I put in the bin?
We currently accept the following items: all fruit and vegetable scraps (including citrus), coffee grounds, coffee beans, coffee filters, tea, tea bags (without any metal or plastic), eggshells, bread, rice, dry grains, and nuts. 
The following items are NOT accepted: meat, fish, eggs, bones, and dairy products, rubber bands, gloves, plastic, compostable cups, dishes, and utensils, paper towels and napkins. Please do NOT put these items in the bins. 
Why don't you accept compostable or biobags? 
Compostable plastics and biobags take a long time to break down compared to food scraps, which makes processing a lot more difficult. You're welcome to bring your scraps to us in those bags, but we'll end up tossing them in the trash. Some alternatives  are to collect your scraps in brown paper bags (which are great for the bins) or just directly in reusable containers! 
Where do the scraps go?
We transport the scraps to Nature Based in Gowanus so they can be consolidated with scraps from other community collections, microhaulers, and members of the community. From there, they are transported to McEnroe Farm in Millerton, NY. 
How much does the program cost for participants?
The program is free, but we are always accepting donations to cover the cost of collection and pay for program supplies. If you're interested in making a donation, you can do so via North Brooklyn Mutual Aid
I'm interested in composting at home but I don't know where to begin! Can you help?
We are happy to hear that you're interested in home composting! You can find resources and guides to indoor and outdoor composting in the section below.
I thought New York City already had composting programs. What happened?
NYC's compost programs were suspended due to budget cuts during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can let Mayor de Blasio and the City Council know that composting is essential by signing this petition: Mayor de Blasio: Composting Is Essential To NYC
You can also show your support for composting in NYC by signing this petition: Save Composting In NYC!
Follow the #SaveOurCompost movement on Twitter and Instagram for updates on webinars, petitions, and other actions you can take to show your support for composting!